Cube Life: Island Survival Wiki

The World map is a crafted item in Cube Life: Island Survival. It is crafted using 9 local map. It is a type of maps.

In Survival Mode, Barry begins in sector F06 on an island in the center of the World map. Physical contact with the map boundary will trigger a prompt to the adjacent map sector. There are 121 map sectors, and each sector is equivalent to 320x320 blocks.

The open ocean usually includes Sharks, so a Wooden raft or Motorboat should be used for travel

World map.jpg


  • Green sectors include an island
  • Light-green sectors indicates an island with natives
  • Blue sectors are open ocean
  • Red sectors indicates a boss

01 A01 B01 C01 D01 E01 F01 G01 H01 I01 J01 K01
02 A02 B02 C02 D02 E02 F02 G02 H02 I02 J02 K02
03 A03 B03 C03 D03 E03 F03 G03 H03 I03 J03 K03
04 A04 B04 C04 D04 E04 F04 G04 H04 I04 J04 K04
05 A05 B05 C05 D05 E05 F05 G05 H05 I05 J05 K05
06 A06 B06 C06 D06 E06 F06 G06 H06 I06 J06 K06
07 A07 B07 C07 D07 E07 F07 G07 H07 I07 J07 K07
08 A08 B08 C08 D08 E08 F08 G08 H08 I08 J08 K08
09 A09 B09 C09 D09 E09 F09 G09 H09 I09 J09 K09
10 A10 B10 C10 D10 E10 F10 G10 H10 I10 J10 K10
11 A11 B11 C11 D11 E11 F11 G11 H11 I11 J11 K11