Cube Life: Island Survival Wiki

Promotional screenshot for the update

Version 1.6 is an update to the Steam version of Cube Life: Island Survival.


This version was announced five days prior to its release on April 26, 2018. Cypronia was developing it as they went, actively interacting with its Steam community, asking/answering questions and telling its customers what features it would add and what they would think about implementing. Many of the features in this patch were a result of fan request.


The following features were added in this patch, features in bold were suggested by fans.


  • Recipe database in Inventory (click on any Item and it shows all associated recipes)
  • New Level system. Higher Level improves player's endurance, item's durability, furnace's effectivity, lower prices and more goods in trading


  • New icons design
  • Added HotBar Slots for items (keys 1-0)
  • Improved "stack item" feature
    • Players can now click and drag on a stack and combine it with another stack. If the two stacks combined is higher than 100, it will add as much from the moving stack as possible, and put the rest back where it was.
  • Better visibility to see underwater (better to find the fish)


  • Fixed issue with tools durability (Pickaxe, Axe and Sword)
  • Ladder can be made from any tree, not banana stem only
    • This is not technically true, as the devs accidentally made it so that the ladder could be crafted with Planks, not "trees"as described in the Survival Guide and the changelog.
  • Fixed issue with crafting Bed (it doesn't need so many skins)
    • Reduced the cost of Matresses.
  • Fixed other minor bugs
  • Fixed Item's name covered by "Back button"