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Version 1.5 (Also known as Cube Life: Island Survival 2018) is a 4K remake and continuation of Cube Life: Island Survival.


File:Cube Life HD2.jpg

First image of Cube Life Island Survival HD.

Cube Life Island Survival: Special Edition was first hinted at on July 17, 2016. When asked about porting Cube Life: Island Survival to PS4, they replied "We will reveal our plans soon! :)" When asked about porting Cube Life: Island Survival to Nintendo 3DS, they replied "Maybe.. but what about Nintendo NX?" The game was officially announced by Cypronia on November 4, 2016. At the time Cypronia refferred to it as Cube Life Island Survival: HD, despite the fact that the original version was in HD as well. They showed off some screenshots of the game and stated that "more info (was) coming soon!" On the 23rd of December that same year, Cypronia released the first trailer for Cube Life Island Survival: HD, stating the release date as "Late Spring, 2017," and promising the game would be free to all current Cube Life: Island Survival Customers for the first four days of its release but would cost $4.99 to all others. 2017 went by, and Cypronia made no further announcements concerning the HD remake. However, following the revelation that the Nintendo Switch was the fastest selling videogame console in US history, they posted on Facebook: "Yeahhh! Are you ready for strong


Fog present.

games from Cypronia in 2018? (Smile Emoji)" Tech Times, meanwhile, listed the game's release date as "TBD." At some point along the line, the official Cypronia website changed the name of Cube Life Island Survival HD to Cube Life Island Survival: Special Edition. Near Christmas, Cypronia released an image of the game, confirming it was still in development. The image also showed a fog effect in the background, a mechanic not present in the first images of the game, nor in the original Cube Life: Island Survival. Cube Life Island Survival: Special Edition was changed to Cube Life: Island Survival 2018 on March 28, 2018. The trailer was officially released, and it was announced that CL:IS2018 would arrive on Steam in April. It was released on April 21, 2018 with a special 10% discount lasting for the first week of its release. It costs $14.99, roughly $11 more than it was said to have cost in the first look preview in 2017. The promise to give current customers the new version for free has also apparently been abandoned. Cypronia has already begun to release patches for the game.


This update was, in actuality, a whole new game. But it was still about the same as it's predecessor. The following features are found in this new version:

  • Released on Steam
  • Added new visual effects (Insects, Bubbles, GUI effects, improved lighting, etc.)
  • Added crumbling block effect, blocks will crumble into pieces when broken, these pieces can move the player.
  • Updated all block textures so that all are now realistic
  • Vastly improved load times
  • Made slight adjustments to various Maps (Added floating Chests on several maps)
  • There are now more Skin Editor slots.
  • Replaced the Crafting Guide with the Survival Guide.

The game also removed some features from the original Wii U version, as they did not transfer over to the Steam version as easily. The following features are no longer present in this version:

  • Multiplayer Modes are no longer present.
  • Wii U support is not present in this version, and the Wii U version will never be updated again. Cypronia has switched to new platforms.


As this is technically a new game, it is appropriate to mention its reception.


Cube Life Island Survival Special Edition was met with excitement from both fans and critics, with fans on Facebook and Miiverse expressing interest in the game's graphics, and critics listing it as one of the most interesting games to be available on Nintendo Switch at release. (Though it was not available at release, as expected.)


Thus far the Steam version of CL:IS 2018 has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, with 10 "recommended" and one "not recommended". Customers praised the game's high quality graphics and fun mechanics, while frowning upon short weapon durability, a negative Cypronia responded to and is preparing to fix in an update on the 25th. Sales have not yet been reported, but on the first day of its release there were 45 players on the leaderboard. The game has gone under the radar of many, likely due to the fact that its release was never really announced beyond Cypronia commenting on a post they had made of the game earlier.