Cube Life: Island Survival Wiki

Version 1.1 is an update for Cube Life: Island Survival Released in 2016.


This update was developed over the course of several months with fan-feedback in mind and fueled by animosity towards U-Craft. (as indicated by the way Cypronia openly scorned the game in its announcement of the update) It's release was constantly being delayed by Nintendo's poor dev services. It is considered a landmark update.


The following features were added in this version, features in Bold were explicitly requested by fans.

  • Local Multiplayer (Gamepad vs WiiU Pro controller + TV)
  • 3 modes for multiplayer (Deathmatch, Tower Defense, Co-op)
  • Create and play custom maps for Multiplayer (Deathmatch)
  • Wii Classic Controller Pro support
  • Wii U Pro Controller support
  • Pets
  • Fishing
  • 100 new items added like Swords, Doors, Furniture, etc
  • 1st person / 3rd person / Selfie view
  • More animals and enemies
  • 56 new maps for the Survival mode
  • Weather change
  • 20% faster loading time
  • optimised engine + 10 fps average


  • Added Invert Y-axis button
  • Arrows do not go through walls
  • Bale of Hay – fixed crash
  • Added HDR effect ON/OFF button
  • Fixed drowning on land issue
  • Better tool durability (Axes, Armor…)
  • Hunger and Thirst drop slowly
  • Fixed flood after loading issue
  • Animal drop items more frequently
  • Increased gravity, when you fall
  • less aggressive cannibals at beginning
  • Simple split items


  • Icons do not change position
  • Added explosives
  • Added Stairs
  • Added Flat terrain feature
  • Water on/off button
  • More colour blocks