Cube Life: Island Survival Wiki

I am alone in it again. Cofefe has vanished into thin air so I thought I would ask for help. He left a number of forms behind. I want to use them all plus I need to "clone" one more for "resource" items (Leaves, Corn Kernels, Grains, Gems, Wood, Arrowheads, Metals etc...)

Cofefe's forms are located here:

His comment to the above: Most of those templates are not actual templates! If you click on Template:Animals or Template:Marine Animals you'll be redirected to Template:GallerySection. And if you use these templates in any of your pages, it will effectively be the same thing as using Template:GallerySection.

Pcj, taught me how to bind page category with a particular form using


so that is solved

CLIS forms so far include: [1](

General modification neded to all formes

I replaced "Next/Previous sections with |seealso=TrapsLeaves I want all the forms to reflect the change.

Plant form issues

Plant form includes fields: Wood, Leaf and Fruits but the fields in questions are text-only and not clickable

In addition, I need to expand "Recipe" form by "Drops" available in "Animals" Form As a result, all recipe ingredients would be on a separate page not multiplying like weeds on recipe page itself.

A practical example of this is here: (right now I am faking it by copy-pasting "Drops" wikitext from Amimal form and putting corresponding images in. I do The same thing with the recipe page:

 |headingname=Item Matter
 |image1=Mango Plank.png
 |caption1=Mango Plank
 |link1=Mango Plank

Finally, the extra "Resource" form should look like this:

Including the current infobox, General info, Drops, Usage section, Grid Section, History, Trivia and Other text section.

By having this extra form and "Drops" addition to recipe form I believe I will have everything to finish this wiki.

Thank you!