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Description Value
Animal name:
Image: Upload file
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Animal Type
Is a Pet?
Eats (Only fill in if it is a pet)
Maximum Spawn Count


Start this section off by typing the page name in bold. It is important, however, that you do not use the {{P}} or {{PAGENAME}} as templates inserted into this form might cause unexpected side effects. Then write a brief overview of the subject filled with general information.


Briefly describe the animal's behavior.


If the animal is a pet, describe how it may be tamed and list the required foods to give it certain traits.


Provide images of all the items that the animal may drop and links to that item's page.

Gallery section[]

This section is just for screenshots of the animal. If you got 'em, share 'em! As per usual, make sure "Heading Name" has the word "Gallery" in it.


Write about previous iterations of the subject, mention which version it was added in, etc.


Know something unique or interesting about this animal? Write it down here!

Other Notes[]

Type any additional information you would like to add and put categories here.