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|maptype=Boss Island
[[D04]] is an island map in [[Cube Life: Island Survival]]. It is notable for the fact that it is where the [[Spider Queen]] lives.
File:Imperial Angelfish.png|Imperial Angelfish
File: Jellyfish.png|Jellyfish
File:Sea Turtle.png|Turtle
File:Spotted Butterflyfish.png|Spotted Butterflyfish
== Plants ==
File:Green Sea Grass.png|Green Sea Grass
File:Red Sea Grass.png|Red Sea Grass
File:Blue Sea Grass.png|Blue Sea Grass
File: Coal.png|Coal
iron ore - icon.png|Iron Ore
gold ore - icon.png|Gold Ore
iron ore - icon.png|Iron Ore
File:Pearl Oyster.png|Pearl Oyster
File:pink Sea Shell.png|Sea Shell
File:Red Sea Shell.png|Red Sea Shell
File:White Sea Shell.png| White Sea Shell
File:Brown Sea Shell.png|Brown Sea Shell
File:Cannibal Woman.png|Cannibal Woman
File:Cannibal Warrior.png|Cannibal Warrior
File:Cannibal Trader.png|Cannibal Trader
File:Cannibal Shaman.png|Cannibal Shaman
File:Cannibal Basic.png|Cannibal Basic
File:Cannibal Baby.png|Cannibal Baby
File:Cannibal Archer.png|Cannibal Archer
=D04 Gallery=
File:20200113115135_1.jpg|D04 Island Tour
File:20200113115203_1.jpg|D04 Island Tour
File:20200113115217_1.jpg|D04 Island Tour
File:20200113115258_1.jpg|D04 Island Tour
File:20200113115720_1.jpg|D04 Island Tour
File:20200113115724_1.jpg|D04 Island Tour
|caption5=Sea Turtle
|link5=Sea Turtle
File:|image6=Spotted Butterflyfish.png|Spotted Butterflyfish
|caption6=Spotted Butterflyfish
|link6=Spotted Butterflyfish
|image2=iron ore - icon.png|Iron Ore
|caption2=Iron Ore
|link2=Iron Ore
|image3=gold ore - icon.png|Gold Ore
|caption3=Gold Ore
|link3=Gold Ore
File:|image4=Pearl Oyster.png|Pearl Oyster
== {{Plants ==
|image1=Oak Tree.png
|caption1=Oak Tree
|link1=Oak Tree
|image2=Cranberry Bush.png
|caption2=Cranberry Bush
|link2=Cranberry Bush
|image3=Mango Tree.png
|caption3=Mango Tree
|link3=Mango Tree
|image4=Palm Tree.png
|caption4=Palm Tree
|link4=Palm Tree
File:|image5=Red Sea Grass.png|Red Sea Grass
|caption5=Sea Grass
|link5=Sea Grass
File:|image1=20200113115135_1.jpg|D04 Island Tour
|caption1=D04 Tour
File:|image2=20200113115203_1.jpg|D04 Island Tour
|caption2=D04 Tour
File:|image3=20200113115217_1.jpg|D04 Island Tour
|caption3=D04 Tour
File:|image4=20200113115258_1.jpg|D04 Island Tour
|caption4=D04 Tour
File:|image5=20200113115720_1.jpg|D04 Island Tour
|caption5=D04 Tour
File:|image6=20200113115724_1.jpg|D04 Island Tour
|caption6=D04 Tour
D04 has been in the game since release and has not changed significantly even as it has been ported to Android with [[Version 1.4]] and Steam with [[Version 1.5]].
* This island features a large cave on it's Southernmost side that resembles a Skull. There are two chests inside the skull's "eye sockets".
** The first chest contains a [[Wooden Bow]].
** The second chest contains 13 [[Bone Arrow]]s.
* The Spider Queen lives in the Skull Cave and will respawn every six hours on this island.
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