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A Small Boar, also known as the Baby Boar or Female Boar is a Mob in Cube Life: Island Survival.


The small boar's behavior is generally very similar to that of the Boar. It wanders about aimlessly, and when it sees the player, it will attempt to follow him. The small boar can jump one block high and though it can swim it is not able to dive. When attacked, the small boar will turn hostile; it will chase the player and attack him until either it dies or the player dies. When the small boar attacks, its mouth opens and closes, as if it were biting its enemy. When a small boar is killed a new one will spawn at one of two points which are unique on every island.


Small boars may be tamed in the exact same manner as the boar. When fed a Mango Pie the animal will go into "Gather" mode, bringing the player items such as food. When fed a Mango Cake it will go into "Defend" mode, and attack anything that attacks the player. Finally, feeding it a Mango Mushroom Cake will put it into "Attack" mode, causing it to attack anything the player attacks. Small boars must be fed Mangos in order to keep their hunger levels up. If the small boar's hunger gets too low, it will die. Feeding the small boar mangos will also heal it.



The Baby Boar has been in the game since release, although it could not be tamed until Version 1.2.


  • When killed a small boar counts as a boar in the Statistics.
  • The small boar's name is a subject of debate within the community. It is considered a boar in the statistics but in Creative Mode it has its own spawner titled Baby Boar Spawner. However, Cypronia refers to it as the "Small Boar".
  • Small boars are often killed by Cannibals, Sharks and Eagles.
  • Small boars have the exact same drops as the larger boars, but have much less health and deal less damage. Because of this it is easier and safer to hunt the small boars and to save the large boars for use as pets.