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Palm Door is a Functional Block item in Cube Life: Island Survival


Palm Door may be placed only in 1x2 block spaces that are enclosed by other blocks on both the top and the bottom, as well as at least one wall to either the left or the right of it. Once it is placed, however, these blocks may be removed and the door will remain. If a second door of any type is placed in the empty space to either the right or the left of the door, they will become double doors. A door may be either opened or closed with the "use" button. However, the door will not close if their is a player or a mob standing in it. It will, however, open regardless of mob presence. It will push away any animals that are standing in the way. Doors cannot be opened by any mob other than the player, but they can be broken down by certain cannibals or otherwise destroyed. A window in the door allows the player to look outside. It should be noted that Cannibals can see through this peephole too. Doors are an important part of any shelter in Survival Mode, and are nice aesthetic features in Creative Mode.

Crafting Grid[]