Cube Life: Island Survival Wiki

Creative Mode is a game Mode in Cube Life: Island Survival.


In Creative Mode, players are not limited by any of the constraints in Survival Mode, and can build anything they want using unlimited resources. Players are permitted to have six procedurally generated creative maps. These maps have adjustable size and can potentially be much larger than the typical Local Map in survival mode. The player may also toggle animals and water on and off when creating the world, as well as caves and trees. There is also a flat terrain setting, where the world has no geography and is simply flat. The day and night cycle may be controlled in the Inventory on Steam and Android, or at any time using the Wii U Gamepad on Wii U. Before they enter the world players are able to select skins, including custom skins they created using the Skin Editor. Unlike in Survival Mode, players do not take damage in creative mode, and they cannot die. Furthermore animals do not attack the player, and any mob may be killed in one shot by the player. Blocks may also be destroyed in one shot, and the player has unlimited blocks at his disposal. Players also have the ability to fly at any time, and when flying the player can even pass through solid blocks. Finally, players have an allowance of animals that they are allowed to spawn in their creative world, 20 in total for any animal type.

Wii U Specific Features[]

The Wii U version contains a multiplayer mode that is not available on Steam or Android. When playing in creative mode, two players are permitted. One plays on the Wii U gamepad while the other plays on the TV using either a Wii U Pro Controller or a Wii Classic Controller. Both players are given the same abilities and share the same allotment of animals that they may spawn. Furthermore, the Wii U edition allows players to use creative mode to design their own custom maps for the Deathmatch multiplayer mode, which is also exclusive to Wii U. Players are permitted to place a set number of spawn blocks for both Player 1 and Player 2. These blocks will not appear in deathmatch mode but indicate where either Player 1 or Player 2 should spawn, depending on the type of block. Furthermore players are allowed to place weapon and armor spawn blocks, which will randomly generate weapons and armor for the players to use against each other in-game. Players are only allowed to place ten of each spawn block, and this amount is shared between both players.

Steam Specific Features[]

As of Version 1.8.1 on Steam, there is a wider variety of mobs that the player may spawn in creative mode, specifically it includes all types of Natives and allows players to place a human character with the skin of the player's choice in-game as well. More notable is that the Steam version gives the player unlimited range, allowing him to destroy a block that is 100 blocks away from him. The Steam version also includes several prefabs that the player can select from, including solid or empty spheres, cubes, rectangles and pyramids, as well as the different type of trees.

Android Specific Features[]

The Android version of the game, Version 1.4.5 gives the player access to the same spawn blocks as the Steam version. What makes the Android version unique however, is that many of the blocks are locked behind a pay wall. If the player wishes to use the Japanese Decorations that were added to Wii U in Version 1.3, they must purchase the Japan asset pack. Furthermore, although the Android version, unlike the Steam and Wii U version is free to download and play, there is only one Creative save slot by default. If the player desires to save more creative maps he may purchase more.


Creative mode has been in the game since release. It was ported to Steam with Version 1.5 and later to Android with Version 1.4.5.