A Chicken is a neutral mob in Cube Life: Island Survival.


Chickens are found on many islands throughout the game world, they spawn in two different locations on every map. They follow the same AI as most neutral mobs and wander around aimlessly. If they come close enough to the player, they may attempt to follow him. Chickens also lay Eggs occasionally, making them useful farm animals. Chickens are normally peaceful animals, but when attacked, they will fight back. If a player or other mob attacks a chicken, it will pursue it's enemy and attempt to peck it to death. It will not stop until either it dies or its target dies.


A chicken may be tamed using either Bread, Cereal Bread or Cereal Mushroom Bread. Giving a chicken bread will put it in "Farming" mode. Giving a chicken cereal bread will put it in "Defender Mode", it will attack mobs that attack the player. Finally, giving a chicken cereal mushroom bread will put it in "Attack Mode", it will attack what the player attacks. A chicken must be fed regularly in order to keep it alive. Feeding a chicken Grains will restore its hunger and heal it if it is hurt.



The chicken has been in the game since release. They were not able to lay eggs until Version 1.1. Version 1.2 added the ability to tame the chicken. When cube life was ported to Steam in Version 1.5, the chicken received enhanced ragdoll physics upgrades. However, in the Android version, Version 1.4.5, ragdoll physics have not been added yet.

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