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The Cannibal Trap is a Trap in Cube Life: Island Survival.

Crafting Grid[]

Item Matter


  • When placed the Cannibal trap immediately begins to take damage, it has enough health to last about 24 minutes.
    • A healthbar is displayed above it when the player hovers over it with the cursor.
  • The Cannibal trap attracts all nearby Cannibals, any cannibals within a certain radius will move towards the Cannibal trap. Archer Cannibals will not shoot, and Digger Cannibals will not destroy blocks until they are within range of the Cannibal trap.
  • When the cannibals get close enough to the trap, they will begin to circle it. Bowmen will shoot Arrows at it, Skullmen and regular cannibals will use melee attacks on it, Psycho Cannibals will self-destruct, and Crazy Archers will shoot Explosive Arrows at it.
  • Often times the Psychos and Crazy Archers will kill their allies in their attempts to destroy the trap.
  • Cannibals focused on the trap won't attack the player, even if they see him.


  • Place the Cannibal trap on top of a high tower and/or in the middle of a large pit, that way cannibals can't reach it.
  • You may also want to surround it in blocks to shield it from arrows.
  • Stay hidden and wait for the Cannibals to come out to your trap, then kill them with a Critical hit.


The Cannibal trap was added in Version 1.3. It returned with a new texture and a revised name in Version 1.5.