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A Boar is an animal in Cube Life: Island Survival. Not to be confused with the Pig. Boars are found all across the world. For the smaller variant, see Small Boar.


Like most animals, boars have two spawn points on every island where they are found. When the player first enters an island, boars are spawned at these locations. Boars roam the world aimlessly, and if they see the player, they will curiously approach him. Once the boar is close enough to the player, it may even follow him around. While boars initially are not hostile, attacking a boar will cause it to become dangerous. Its speed will increase and contact with the animal will cause the player damage. When the boar attacks something, it will use an animation where it appears to be biting its target. A boar will never stop chasing its prey until either it or its enemy is killed. When a boar is killed, another one will spawn to take its place at one of the spawn points.


A boar can be tamed by feeding it a mango product of some sort. Feeding it a Mango Pie will put it in gather mode; the animal will bring you food. Feeding it a Mango Cake will put it in defend mode; the animal will attack anything that attacks you. Finally, feeding it a Mango Mushroom Cake will put it in attack mode; the animal will attack anything you attack. Pet boars must be fed Mangos in order to keep it's hunger levels up. If the animal's hunger bar gets to zero, it will start to lose health, and will eventually die. You may also heal your pet boar by feeding it a mango.



The boar was added in version 1.0 of CL:IS. At the time when killed it dropped Pig Leather. Version 1.1 added the ability to turn boars into pets. The boar returned in Version 1.5. A new drop had been added to the game: Boar Leather. Now there is a difference between leather dropped by pigs and boars. The most notable change to the boar was the addition of Ragdoll Physics. Where previously the boar would fall over and fade out when killed, it now flies backwards and its carcass crumples lifelessly. Version 1.5 also buffed the boar's health and made it so that the boar could cast a shadow.


  • Cypronia has mentioned plans to update the Boar's texture in the past.
  • Boars often fall prey to Cannibals, Sharks, and Eagles.
  • Pet boars move in a straight line towards their target, whether that is the player or an enemy. As a result, boars often get stuck behind obstacles they could easily go around but can not get over. It should also be noted that this behavior may cause the boar to push the player into an attacking enemy.
  • It is possible to jump onto and land on a boar, and falling on a boar from too high will deal damage to the player.