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Binoculars is a Accessories item in Cube Life: Island Survival


Binoculars are used to expand the player's viewing distance. By clicking the use button while the binoculars are selected, the player will be able to place the binocular to his face. This creates a shadow effect around the "eyeholes" but shows objects that are off in the distance. Using the binoculars while it is raining or while underwater will cause them to fog up and become unusable.

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Binoculars were added to the game in Version 1.2. They were ported to Steam in Version 1.5, and received a sprite upgrade in Version 1.6. They were ported to Android in Version 1.4.5 but remain the same as they were in Version 1.3 of Cube Life: Island Survival; the last update for the Wii U Version.