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Bed is a Accessories item in Cube Life: Island Survival that allows the player to sleep through the night.


The bed may be crafted using a Mattress, Pillow, Blanket and five Oak Planks. It can be placed in any 1x2 block wide area. Once placed, the player may sleep by pointing the cursor at the bed and clicking the "use" button, at which point the screen will fade to black and time will start to move faster. Note that attempting to sleep prior to 1930 at night will cause Barry to tell the player "It is too early to sleep now. Try again later." The night will pass within 30 seconds and the player will wake up around 0530 in the morning. Hunger and thirst will decrease at an accelerated rate to match the rate at which time is passing, but health will start to regenerate slowly the longer the player sleeps. If hunger or thirst hits zero, the player will wake up. Note that using a bed instantly alerts all cannibals to the player's location, and they will destroy everything around the player while sleeping, although they can not kill the player himself. For this reason, beds should either only be used where cannibals do not spawn, or they should be used very far away from the player's valuables.

Crafting Grid[]

CraftingTable 0000.png

Item Matter


The bed was added to the game in Version 1.3. In this version of the game, the bed would wake the player up at a random time from 0400 to 0645. Since Version 1.5, however, it wakes the player up at 0530. Version 1.5 also updated the bed's texture.


  • The bed was one of the most demanded features for the game since it's release, and was finally added in version 1.3.