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Basic Cannibal
Night Basic.png
Damage: 1-5
Can be Tamed: Yes


The Basic Cannibal (or Basic Psycho) is a Cannibal in Cube Life: Island Survival.


The basic cannibal is the most basic variant of the cannibal enemies that spawn after 2200 at night and die before 0500 in the morning. Basic cannibals only spawn on certain islands and once a player reaches a certain level they stop spawning all together and are replaced by more dangerous types such as the Archer Cannibal. Basic cannibals can only spawn a certain distance away from the player and must always spawn on the highest possible block. This prevents them from spawning underground or in the player's house. Basic cannibals follow the same AI as all other cannibals and wander about the island aimlessly until they find something to attack. These cannibals attack by circling their target, occasionally lunging forward to strike, dealing anywhere from 1-5 damage. They are known to attack many different forms of prey, most notably Boars, Small Boars, Chickens and the player. Like other cannibals, the basic cannibal can only see the player if it is within range of him and there is nothing obstructing the cannibal's view of the player. Once the player is spotted, the basic cannibal will pursue him relentlessly, attacking when possible and alerting other nearby cannibals to the player's presence. Though basic cannibals have a high amount of health, they may be killed instantly with any weapon if the player attacks it without being spotted. This is called a "Critical Hit". The basic cannibal's default AI changes dramatically when a Cannibal Trap is present. If there is a cannibal trap nearby, the basic cannibal will be drawn towards it, even ignoring the player and any other animals to get to it. The basic cannibal will attack the cannibal trap, trying to take the pork off of it, until the trap is destroyed. The cannibal trap can be made to last longer by placing it above the basic cannibals reach or surrounding it by blocks. If the cannibal trap is not destroyed by daylight, the basic cannibal will still attempt to reach it until it dies at 0500.



The basic cannibal has been in the game since release. Version 1.2 made changes to cannibal AI and added stealth attacks. When Cube Life was ported to Steam in Version 1.5, the basic cannibal had a radically different texture than before, only to have it changed again in Version 1.6. Version 1.8.1 reduced the difficulty of cannibals later in the game, which means that the basic cannibal hangs around longer than it did before. Later, Version 1.4.5 was released on Android. The basic cannibals in this version of the game are identical to their counterparts in version 1.8.1.


  • Basic Cannibals are known internally by Cypronia as "Night Basic" and more recently "Basic Psycho".