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The Banana is a food item that can be obtained from Banana Trees. They restore up to 5 Hunger when consumed. Bananas are an ingredient used to craft Banana cake or Banana pie, which can be used to tame Monkeys.


Bananas may be obtained by breaking Banana Leaves in Survival Mode. They may be eaten using the create button in order to restore 5 hunger points. They can also be crafted to make Banana Seeds and other food items such as Banana Cakes, which can be used to tame Monkeys. Additionally, bananas may be dropped from the player's inventory in order to feed pet monkeys.


Bananas have been in the game since launch. Version 1.1 allowed the players to tame monkeys, which are fed using bananas. In Version 1.6, their inventory sprite was updated to a higher resolution version.


  • Bananas may also be used to craft a hidden item, the Banana Sword.