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Backpack is a Accessories item in Cube Life: Island Survival


The backpack is crafted using eight Boar Leathers and one String. It may then be equipped by dragging it into the "backpack" slot in the player's inventory menu. Once the backpack has been equipped, it will add 20 additional slots to the player's inventory, 10 more compared to the Small Backpack.

Crafting Grid[]

Item Matter


The backpack has been in the game since release, although initially it was crafted using eight Pig Leathers and no string. When it was ported to Steam, Version 1.5 changed it's crafting recipe to it's current status. This change was later reflected in Version 1.4.5, which was released on Android. Additionally, Version 1.6 changed the backpack's sprite.


  • The Wii U version of Cube Life: Island Survival remains on Version 1.3, meaning that the backpack does not require string on the Wii U. This is handy because it means the player does not need to find and kill Spiders in order to obtain the backpack, and even allows them to skip the Small Backpack altogether.