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Global Map
North of here: B05
East of here: C06
South of here: B07
West of here: A06
Map Type: Boss Island
Cannibals Come at Night: Yes

Overview[edit | edit source]

Map sector B06 is an island map in Cube Life: Island Survival. It is home to the Scorpion Queen boss.


Marine Animals



  • 20200110095108 1.jpg

    B06 Tour

  • 20200110095122 1.jpg

    B06 Tour

  • 20200110094653 1.jpg

    B06 Tour

  • 20200110094709 1.jpg

    B06 Tour

  • 20200110094742 1.jpg

    B06 Tour

  • 20200110094810 1.jpg

    B06 Tour

  • 20200110094950 1.jpg

    B06 Tour

History[edit | edit source]

This island was added in Version 1.1.