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Global Map
North of here: B01
East of here: C02
South of here: B03
West of here: A02
Map Type: Native Island
Cannibals Come at Night: Yes

Overview[edit | edit source]

Map sector B02 is an island with a village occupied by Natives. It is home to the Rabbit Mage. The village also has a Trader that sells items for Pearls.


Marine Animals





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    Island Tour

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    Island Tour

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    Island Tour

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    Island Tour

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    Island Tour

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    Island Tour

History[edit | edit source]

This island was added in Version 1.2.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

This island's Trader has a chance to sell the following items (item stock changes at midnight):

Item Cost (Pearls)
Banana (x8) 1
Banana (x15) 2
Bed (x3) 15
Bobber 2
Clownfish (x5) 1
Emerald (x3) 1
Emerald (x4) 2
Golden sword 10
Green sea grass (x1) 2
Red sea grass (x5) 1
Red sea grass (x10) 2
Ruby (x2-3) 1
Ruby (x4-5) 2
Ruby block (x1) 7
Silver leggings 11
Silver Sword 10
Spike of wheat (x3-4) 1
Spike of wheat (x5) 2
Stone sword 4
Tortoise shell (x2-3) 3