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Armor is a type of tools in Cube Life: Island Survival. It protects you from Enemies. You can craft Armor with a Crafting Table.

There are three armor slots: head, body, and legs. Helmets are worn on Barry's head, Chestplates are worn on Barry's body, and leggings are worn on Barry's legs. Backpacks may also be considered a type of armor.

Armor list[]

Name Defense
Leather Cap +5
Leather Tunic +10
Leather Trousers +7
Iron Helmet +7
Iron Chestplate +12
Iron Leggings +10
Silver Helmet +10
Silver Chestplate +16
Silver Leggings +13
Golden Helmet +12
Golden Chestplate +22
Golden Leggings +17
Diamond Helmet +15
Diamond Chestplate +30
Diamond Leggings +23
Titanium Helmet +20
Titanium Chestplate +40
Titanium Leggings +30
Gorilla Helmet +7
Gorilla Body +12
Gorilla Legs +10
Tortoise Helmet +11
Tortoise Chestplate +19
Tortoise Leggings +15
Diving Mask +4
Shark Helmet +8
Light Diving Body +9
Light Diving Legs +6
Diving Helmet +18
Heavy Diving Body +25
Heavy Diving Legs +21