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Archer Cannibal
Night Archer.png
Can be Tamed: Yes


The Archer Cannibal, known internally as the "Psycho Archer", is a Cannibal in Cube Life: Island Survival


Like all other cannibals in the game, archer cannibals spawn at night after 2200, but only if the player's level is sufficiently high. Archer cannibals use the same AI as other cannibal variants for the most part; they wander around the island mostly without direction or purpose. If a an archer cannibal gets close enough to a Boar, Small Boar or a Chicken, it will shoot arrows at it until the animal dies. When an archer cannibal gets close to the player, the player will be alerted by an "Eye" in the top left corner of his screen. If an archer cannibal is directly facing the player and there is nothing obstructing its field of view, the player will be spotted and the archer cannibal will pursue the player, as will any other cannibals in the vicinity. The archer cannibal only ever fires arrows when its target is within range of 12 blocks. It does not lead its targets, it fires right where the target is at the moment it shoots. This makes arrows very easy to dodge by simply moving in a diagonal line when at a distance from the archer cannibal, but also means that it is very difficult to dodge arrows once the player is close enough to use melee weapons. Arrows from the archer cannibal deal 25 damage, and although the archer cannibal has a fairly large amount of health, if the player can attack the cannibal without it ever seeing the player, the player will score a "Critical Hit" and the cannibal will instantly die, regardless of what weapon the player uses.



The archer cannibal has been in the game since release. In version 1.0, the archer cannibal instantly knew the location of the player and would always run straight towards him. Version 1.2 changed the AI for all cannibals and introduced stealth attacks and critical hits. Version 1.5 gave them a texture update and ragdoll physics. Version 1.8.1 made it so that they came it later in-game than before.


  • Archer Cannibals are known internally at Cypronia as "Night Archers" and more recently "Psycho Archers".